Monday, September 28, 2015

Pull the Trigger Already!

Have you ever had a great idea and just sat on it and then maybe a few months or years down the road see someone else prospering with the same idea? That's one of the worst feelings in the world. Often times the excuses that we make on why we can't do something are not really that legitimate. The old saying goes, where there is a will... there is a way. The truth of the matter is that if you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it come hell or high water. As you move through the process of executing your goals, you will find that many of the obstacles you thought would keep you from doing what you want were mere imaginations in your head. That isn't to say that accomplishing your goals will be easy, but if you show up to the game and cultivate an indomitable determination, you'll find you can overcome almost anything. The question then becomes, how bad do you want it? Sometimes you have to be willing to be lonely, look foolish, out of touch with reality, and downright ugly to get what you are after. But on the other side of that hardship is the tremendous satisfaction of walking in the reality of your accomplished vision. Stop telling people what you are going to do and simply do it. There's no use in holding a gun if you never pull the trigger.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Preparing Your Mind to Prepare

I have found in my dealings with people that there are two types (generally speaking). There are those who are preparers and those who are executors. It's usually rare for me to run across someone who is good at both, but in today's competitive world, people who know how to plan their work and work their plan will be the winners. Clients (a client may also be your employer) want to see results fast which puts extra pressure on those who want to win business. Sometimes, this tempts us to forgo planning all together or just skimp by with a puny one and place all of our efforts in the execution phase of what we think the client wants. Usually this ends in disaster or great disappointment for both parties. If this happens to us enough, we may give up taking risks altogether and start over preparing (aka analysis paralysis). Executors especially must get into the discipline of preparing their minds to prepare. That means linking preparation to milestones and treating this phase of the project as a goal to be accomplished as well.
What I have found especially helpful is putting all the things that need to be done in preparation of something on the calendar as well as a daily to do list the night before I will actually do them. This helps me metabolize what I need to do and helps solidify my willingness to do it. How many times have you thought of something you needed to do but didn't do it? Well, putting things on a calendar and a daily to do list provides extra accountability. Writing out what you plan to do the night before helps you prepare mentally and shifts your perspective so that you will actually do it the next day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

You've proably heard of company or organization vision statements. They usually go something like XYZ Corp is committed to being the premiere technology provider in the 21st century... or something like that. Most companies and organizations have vision statements, which articulates the reason why they exist. People who develop personal vision statements tend to be in the minority however. Many people don't know their purpose or where they want to go in life. They just know they want to have a great life. Well a vision statement helps you define what a great life is and how you will go about accomplishing that. A personal vision statement will help you choose between competing opportunities. You will be able to recognize the ones that are in line with your values and the ones that aren't. Every good opportunity is not good for you. Developing a personal vision statement is like having both an anchor and a compass as you build your business, organization, and life. If you want an example of a personal vision statement, you can check mine out below.

I am striving to realize my full God-given potential. I am striving to leave a strong legacy for my family. And I am striving to equip, motivate, and inspire emerging leaders who don't fit in with the status quo.

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Problem Solver's Mindset

Most people focus on what is. Problem solvers are driven by what can be. The moment you stop solving problems is the moment you become obsolete. No one needs someone or something that doesn't perform their intended purpose. So, to stay in demand, you must consistently cultivate a mindset that embraces challanges and sees them as opportunities to create new value. Problem solvers are disruptive because they free up bottlenecks that most poeple come to accepts as unchangeable. Some people are happy when these bottlenecks are opened up, but some are not because they have systems (that they profit from) around the problem not being fixed. Case in point, the prison system. In America, it is more profitable to have inmates than not. Therefore, this is a bottleneck in our society where many don't want the problem of mass incarceration to be solved.

Problem solver's can't sleep at night for thinking about ways to get around the hurdles they face. Some may call it worry or anxiety, but problem solvers know their obsession is a healthy one because it eventually leads to better alternatives. It's not always about the specific problems you can fix, but your willingness to solve problems that makes you more attractive in the global marketplace.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Wealth is in Your Problems

People will pay you to solve their problems because most people don't have the time, energy, will, or resources to do it for themselves. Therefore, creating lasting wealth requires you to take the total opposite approach to how folks view problems. Instead of looking at problems as something to be avoided, see them as dollars in your bank account. The more problems that you can convert into solutions, the more valuable you will be. Resource is attracted to value. When people perceive your value, they will be more inclined to give up the resources necessary to obtain it. Many people will gladly pay $7 for a cup of coffee because they understand the value of being well energized througout the day. The convenience and atmosphere of Starbucks is something they value enough to fork over their hard earned cash day after day. Think of the problems in your personal life and view them as opportunities that can lead to bigger and better things.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Answers Will Come

Most people are uncomfortable not knowing details. They fear that not having access to all the information pertaining to what they are going after will lead to failure. And while, this is somewhat true, it is unrealistic to think that you can have all the data you need in the initial stages of a new venture. Some things you have to figure out after you hit certain milestones. Others come as an epiphany in the middle of the night, or while you are exercising, or watering the lawn. What's most important is that you continue to do something each day that leads to your desired outcome. We live in a world full of uncertainty and those who wait to gather all the answers will end up not making any moves.Those who take a calculated leap of faith into the unknown will reap big rewards.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Keep Planting

My wife and I are on this green thumb kick as of late (mostly my wife). We both have been inspired to take better care of our lawn and plants. We've even begun to plant different vegetable and fruit seeds. While planting the seeds, we've noticed that many have grown and some have not. Even some of the plants that are growing may not survive, while others that we think won't sprout, eventually will. This is true in business. You never know which of your ideas and/or endeavors will take you to the next level. That's why it is improtant to keep planting the right seeds. Don't underestimate the seemingly small concepts that you hold. If you plant them in the right environment and make sure they get the proper care, that particular concept can transform into a billion dollar business one day.