Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

You've proably heard of company or organization vision statements. They usually go something like XYZ Corp is committed to being the premiere technology provider in the 21st century... or something like that. Most companies and organizations have vision statements, which articulates the reason why they exist. People who develop personal vision statements tend to be in the minority however. Many people don't know their purpose or where they want to go in life. They just know they want to have a great life. Well a vision statement helps you define what a great life is and how you will go about accomplishing that. A personal vision statement will help you choose between competing opportunities. You will be able to recognize the ones that are in line with your values and the ones that aren't. Every good opportunity is not good for you. Developing a personal vision statement is like having both an anchor and a compass as you build your business, organization, and life. If you want an example of a personal vision statement, you can check mine out below.

I am striving to realize my full God-given potential. I am striving to leave a strong legacy for my family. And I am striving to equip, motivate, and inspire emerging leaders who don't fit in with the status quo.

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