Friday, September 4, 2015

The Problem Solver's Mindset

Most people focus on what is. Problem solvers are driven by what can be. The moment you stop solving problems is the moment you become obsolete. No one needs someone or something that doesn't perform their intended purpose. So, to stay in demand, you must consistently cultivate a mindset that embraces challanges and sees them as opportunities to create new value. Problem solvers are disruptive because they free up bottlenecks that most poeple come to accepts as unchangeable. Some people are happy when these bottlenecks are opened up, but some are not because they have systems (that they profit from) around the problem not being fixed. Case in point, the prison system. In America, it is more profitable to have inmates than not. Therefore, this is a bottleneck in our society where many don't want the problem of mass incarceration to be solved.

Problem solver's can't sleep at night for thinking about ways to get around the hurdles they face. Some may call it worry or anxiety, but problem solvers know their obsession is a healthy one because it eventually leads to better alternatives. It's not always about the specific problems you can fix, but your willingness to solve problems that makes you more attractive in the global marketplace.

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