Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Preparing Your Mind to Prepare

I have found in my dealings with people that there are two types (generally speaking). There are those who are preparers and those who are executors. It's usually rare for me to run across someone who is good at both, but in today's competitive world, people who know how to plan their work and work their plan will be the winners. Clients (a client may also be your employer) want to see results fast which puts extra pressure on those who want to win business. Sometimes, this tempts us to forgo planning all together or just skimp by with a puny one and place all of our efforts in the execution phase of what we think the client wants. Usually this ends in disaster or great disappointment for both parties. If this happens to us enough, we may give up taking risks altogether and start over preparing (aka analysis paralysis). Executors especially must get into the discipline of preparing their minds to prepare. That means linking preparation to milestones and treating this phase of the project as a goal to be accomplished as well.
What I have found especially helpful is putting all the things that need to be done in preparation of something on the calendar as well as a daily to do list the night before I will actually do them. This helps me metabolize what I need to do and helps solidify my willingness to do it. How many times have you thought of something you needed to do but didn't do it? Well, putting things on a calendar and a daily to do list provides extra accountability. Writing out what you plan to do the night before helps you prepare mentally and shifts your perspective so that you will actually do it the next day.

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