Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Change the World

I think most people fantasize about making a contribution so big that it continues to alter the world even after they die. Part of that desire is our awareness of immortality coupled with the realization that we are mortal. We all crave to be needed, to have significance and make our mark. In essence, we want to know that our lives matter. Sometimes we go about it in the wrong fashion. Making an impact that changes the world is something that we grow into. I don't think that most people who have changed the world, woke up with a clear plan of attack on how to do it. However, they sensed that they had a great purpose to fulfill and this mental paradigm would not let them accept a mediocre existence.

The difference between people who change the world and those who don't is this. World changers have a great sense of purpose and that is the underlying philosophy for everything they do. They are able to see opportunities that others can't simply because they are constantly in tune with the frequency of their purpose. Even when they try to be normal, they simply can't. It's harder for them to fit in with the crowd than it is for them to risk being isolated by daring to do great things.

Those who are not world changers operate by a different philosophy. Much of what they do and the decisions they make centers around short term needs and wants. They rarely think about what legacy they will leave behind them after they are gone. The frustration in their hearts stems from wanting significance (as all humans do) but being so nearsighted that they fail to do the things necessary for that to occur.

If you are to change the world, first you must believe that you can, or better yet, that you must. Second, you must become selfless. This is the hard part and this is the course of life that very few graduate from. The more consumed with self that you are, the less you will be able to recognize opportunities to impact the lives of other people, which at its core, is changing the world. While you will never be able to touch all 6 billion people on the planet, the individuals that you are able to touch, will go out and touch more people, who will touch others, so on and so forth.

Paradoxically, it's that simple and that hard at the same time. If you master believing that you can (or must) change the world, becoming selfless in the process, you will do just that. Or at the very least, you will change your family, community, city, state, and/or region. Up for the challenge?

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