Friday, January 3, 2014

Write Your Own Success Story (Before You Are Successful)

An interesting concept has come to me as of late and that is it that we should write out our success stories before we ever become successful (to the degree that we envision). That may sound strange, but here me out. When you take the time to write out how you became successful, all that you went through, all you suffered, the odds that you beat, and lessons learned, you are actually empowering yourself to accomplish the success you desire. It makes it realer and more tangible for you. I'm not talking about some hocus pocus act that will make you a success with sheer mind power. There should be action that accompanies the story that you write about yourself. Its similar to writing your own obituary (but you don't die). What would you say to Larry King or during a 20/20 interview about how you became a success? Ready, get set, go!

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