Sunday, November 10, 2013

You Need Partnerships to Succeed

Jordan had Pippen, Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, David had Jonathan, and Jay-Z had Dame Dash. No matter how you slice it, success it made from the pie of partnerships. While those that get the most credit may receive a little more lime light than their quieter counterparts, I'm sure the figures that we have come to admire so much would attest that they could not be at their level of stature without partnerships. There is something explosive that happens when two people connect who share a similar goal. It's as if their efforts are able to grow 10 fold because of their combined efforts. There may be certain times when an individual may have to carry the entire load on their backs (due to lack of partnership options), but we should do our best to not let this become our habit if we can help it. Entrepreneurs should always be looking for someone else they can partner with who shares their common goals. Who could one of your potential partners be?

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