Monday, October 21, 2013

Find A Way To Get It Done

Life is mercurial terrain. When we set goals, we should make up in our minds that there will be obstacles that try to prevent us from accomplishing them. We have to develop an attitude that will not succumb to the pressure, but rise above it until we obtain what we set out for. There will never be a right time to do something of worth. We have to make today the right time. This does not suggest that we should not plan and have a strategy beforehand. But we cannot allow ourselves to become paralyzed when it comes to taking action. We have to move forward despite obstacles and setbacks. Some days we may be able to move fast and get a lot done, others we will have to move slower and only do a little. The point is to keep doing until it gets done.

About the author of this blog post:

Philip "Sharp Skills" Jacobs is a hip hop artist, published author, and entrepreneur who is passionate about reaching his full God-given potential and inspiring others to do the same. He is the author of "Accuracy: a guide to living skillfully and successfully in today's crazy times" and has independently released three albums, four mixtapes, and has had his music placed in TV and film. A firm believer in the power of education, he earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Seattle Pacific University. He is married with two children. Follow Sharp Skills on Twitter @thesharpskills

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