Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Official Excerpt From Upcoming Philip "Sharp Skills" Jacobs Book

Hello friends, I recently made the first "official" announcement about my upcoming book on my "Creativity, Passion, and Greatness" blog. In that particular blog post, I released the first excerpt from this book that I am so excited to share with you. Since this blog is dedicated to business, entrepreneurship, and professional life; I want to narrow down on these related subjects with the next excerpt I'm about to share (which is in the chapter on Business and Entrepreneurship). I really hope it is an inspiration.

We are able to create our own niche when we build companies that originate in our hearts. I have never been a fan of starting a company simply because it is a way to make money. We have seen and heard of many money driven entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who formed companies simply to get rich once they sold them. Many of today's venture capitalists seeking to invest in new businesses are tired of this type of business model. World class author and venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki, stated (author’s paraphrase) that he does not invest in companies that are built with the sole goal of selling them.

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