Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Is Everyone So Brand Crazy?

A brand is a fancy "marketing" term for reputation. Reputation is the external result of character. Sometimes it is easy to work so hard on one's brand, the foundation that makes that brand possible is forgotten in the process. I have seen all sorts of businesses and organizations and have had the privilege of working closely with many of them. I have seen the "brand crazy" companies who put all of their stock and energy into creating the image of hard work, excellence, and innovation, but lacked these qualities (though they could create marketing materials that were out of this world). On the other hand I have seen other companies who lacked the marketing prowess to communicate who they truly were, yet still be wildly successful (successful in terms of generating multi million dollar revenues monthly). What's crazy is their marketing materials just flat out sucked! This was a strange phenomenon to me. That reality has led me to this conclusion, it is more important to be the brand rather than just communicate the brand. Its nice (and powerful) to do both, but the former is much more difficult to do, which is why so few organizations/individuals ever cross that threshold. If a company/person becomes the brand first, it will be much easier to consistently portray that to others later on down the road.

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