Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Power of Having Clear Goals

"People who have written goals tend to live up to them. Those who don't drift."-Joe Karbo

It seems as simple as child play, but clearly articulating our goals on paper could be one of the biggest determinants of success in the areas that we desire. Think of your written goals as major land marks on a map. These landmarks give us somewhere to arrive to and they focus our efforts as it relates to travel. Most of us know what its like to be wandering on the road because there is no clear sense of direction. Many people treat their ambitions the same way. We just live life without any aim and hardly any accuracy. Something as basic as writing down what you want out of life (not the easiest feat) will crystallize it in your mind, and you'll find yourself applying your energy to the things that matter in order to get to that destination.

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