Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Messy Organization

You've probably heard the story about the wife who cleaned her husband's home office area thinking it would be a nice surprise for him and help him out. When he got home, he complained to her "now that everything is organized, I can't find anything." I think the gist of what he was saying is that some of us function better in what appears to be chaotic. Some manage to find a way to thrive in conditions that appear crazy and erratic. I would like to submit to you friends, that these are the type of people that will thrive in the new business/professional landscape. People who can juggle multiple projects, hats, and identities (not meaning schizophrenics) without losing their minds. Business and life are so unpredictable these days, one has to be able to find their own personal stability "in" instability. Those who can't manage that, will get swallowed up  simply from being overwhelmed. It is necessary to cultivate the art of being flexible (mentally)and agile (emotionally). Success is never nice and neat initially, it is only cleancut in hindsight when you recount what you did that worked and have thoroughly processed what didn't. So don't be scared of the mess, jump right in and create a lane of your own through the madness.

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