Friday, August 9, 2013

Winning in Business

For the longest time, I have felt that business is very similar to sports. There is fierce competition, fans (customers), a team (employees, staff, etc.), and referees (standards, laws, and regulations). In order to succeed in this arena, I believe it is necessary to take on an athletic type of mentality. If not, you run the risk of getting knocked out (losing market share, or worse... being put out of business). There are four key areas that champions possess that I want to discuss in this post. They are:

If you look at any winning team/person, you will notice that they possess these qualities in abundance.

Lets look at wisdom. I like the definition of wisdom that says "wisdom is knowing when and how to apply your acquired knowledge." Champions know when and how to execute. They pick their moments wisely. Wisdom may manifests itself as knowing when (or when not to) give a brilliant suggestion in a business meeting. Sometimes it is best to keep your ideas to yourself until the proper time presents itself.

Knowledge... one's information level pertaining to their company, clients, market conditions, product, so on and so forth. Knowledge should be added to every day in order to have a cutting edge database to draw from. People who do not stay current with knowledge find themselves obsolete.

Character...the habits and traits cultivated by persistence and intentional action over a long span of time. Character is really self discipline, without it, there can be no sustainable success because something sustainable must have a stable (and repetitive) engine driving it. Can you press through hardship, obstacles, and loneliness when going after your objectives? Character is forged in such places.

Ability... Champions have a certain degree of natural competency pertaining to what they dominate. While many skills can be developed, it is important to build upon what you are naturally good at. However, if you are passionate enough about something to overcome the humiliation (and discouragement) in the beginning, you may very well be able become a pro at it eventually.

I believe these 4 elements combine to make an explosive mix that will position you to win in the business world. Please share if you found this post to be helpful in anyway.

About the author of this blog post:

Philip "Sharp Skills" Jacobs is a hip hop artist, published author, and entrepreneur who is passionate about reaching his full God-given potential and inspiring others to do the same. He is the author of "Accuracy: a guide to living skillfully and successfully in today's crazy times" and has independently released three albums, four mixtapes, and has had his music placed in TV and film. A firm believer in the power of education, he earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Seattle Pacific University. He is married with two children. Follow Sharp Skills on Twitter @thesharpskills

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