Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Think Less About Money To Make More

Many entrepreneurs and professionals started out just doing something they really enjoyed and eventually realized there was a market for what they created. Once money came into the picture, it either overrode or completely obliterated the fulfillment they got from creating something or providing a great service. I think its important for many professionals, entrepreneurs especially, to get back to creating things or providing services that they would deliver to their clients whether they got paid or not. When money becomes the sole reason we do something, it can suck our creativity and innovative qualities dry. Don't get me wrong (I have not completely lost my mind), money is important and if you're not generating revenue in your enterprise, it wont be around for long. But don't get so tunnel visioned on the dollar that you lose what made you profitable in the first place, which was creating something phenomenal that attracted clientele naturally. This is especially true for entrepreneurial artists (musicians, painters, authors, etc.). Creating something just for money's sake will rob you of fulfillment and even cause more financial difficulty in the long run.

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