Monday, June 3, 2013

Creating An Adjustable Plan To Reach Your Goals

It is nearly impossible to find a destination without some sort of directions. Sure, you may stumble upon where you desire to go by chance, but chance is never a sure guarantee for arrival. In the professional sphere, it is important to have an end goal in mind. An end goal enables us to put a plan together on how we will get to that particular place. One big reason why many people don't get to their desired goals in life is because there is a lack of planning. Planning takes some critical thinking and also requires commitment. I should add that having a plan doesn't mean that we should become rigid and unable to adjust. I heard someone very wise say that a leader is firm in intent, but flexible in approach. I took that to mean that you have to be committed to reaching your goals but be able to make adjustments to the plans used to obtain them. I think that is why so many people hate planning. For one it takes a long time to come up with a good one and if something comes along that sets us back (which usually happens), we become discouraged and throw our plans away (along with our end goals). This is an easy cycle to fall into. Marry your goals, not the plans to reach them.  It is necessary to learn the art of crafting a plan and be able to make changes to them when we see there is a better way of getting to our desired destination. This takes a firm commitment (and passion) to reach our goals.

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