Friday, April 26, 2013

What the Business World Needs Less Of

The business world needs more explorers than "self proclaimed" experts these days. And why is that? As the country is fighting its way out of this financial fiasco, we must take an experimental approach to how we conduct business to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Many companies and professionals are having to reinvent themselves. That's not to say that we don't utilize our respective strengths and experience, but it is safe to say that almost every entrepreneur is trying to figure this business stuff out. That's actually the fun part. We get paid to solve problems and hopefully we are in an industry that we love doing that for.

There are some great thinkers out there that are challenging the status quo by coming up with disruptive technologies that are (and have been) making market leaders nervous. Companies that were giants 5 years ago, either no longer exist or their market share has shrunk so low that they are no longer relevant (Blackberry anyone...). So it's safe to say that the playing field is wide open for "nobodies" with a great idea to become the new kings/queens of the hill. Explore, experiment, create, have fun, help people, and make a ton of money!

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