Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Only Way To Get Something Done These Days

We all wear a lot of hats these days. As for me; I'm a husband, father, business owner, musician, employee, and the list goes on and on to the 10th power. It doesn't appear that this list will be getting shorter anytime soon either. Couple that with... each hat that you and I wear have subcategories within them. Sheesh!!! So how does anyone in this situation get anything done? If you're like me, you are too ambitious to want to drop the ball in any of these areas, but you also know that time/money/attention span/health and sanity are limited. Well, I think I have a theory that might prove helpful(I'm still testing it out myself). It's called the "keep moving" principle. I can't actually take credit for the name, a mentor of mine gave me the idea. I was just audacious enough to try it out. And it is working. The "keep moving" principle goes a little some like this...

Have clearly written out goals (I'm not always the best at doing this, but it works when I do) in every area of my life that is of prime importance and prepare my mind for action. That means there is less time for sleep (still try to get 8 hours if you can) and activities that don't lead to accomplishing these goals. Let me be clear though. One of my personal goals is creating a lifestyle where leisure/play time is worked in. So I sort of set myself up to feel a sense of achievement when I'm out paint balling, hanging with friends, so on and so forth. The goal is to keep moving until its bed time. Treat time like money (there is a big correlation between the two) and don't waste it. While others are twiddling their thumbs, this principle demands that you find something constructive to do that leads to your desired outcomes. I'm still refining this theory in my own life, but so far it seems to be bearing some fruit.

I should add as a final note... know when to take some time off and rest.

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