Monday, April 22, 2013

The "Not-So-Secret" Formula for Explosive Results

In this day and age of quick fixes and hyper activity that leads to nothing, there is a tried and true formula that has lasted the test of time. Many people are in search of how to achieve permanent (if there is such a thing) or long range results on a consistent basis. This formula has been right under most of our noses for a very long time and it is none other than FAITH + ACTION. This is a very powerful formula and concept if you take time to study it. We act on what we believe. Furthermore, we will pursue that which we deem is possible. If the human mind can envision it, it can be accomplished in one way or another. Once we combine this "faith" or belief that something is possible, with the active drive/will/motivation to see it manifest, the desired result will occur. I repeat, faith plus action will cause the desired result to occur. Belief is what gives us the fuel to put in the necessary effort to see an intangible thing become tangible. You can't have one without the other. True faith will cause someone to work their tail off even in the face of contradictory circumstances.

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