Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Why Should You Start a Business (Even if your not the Entrepreneurial Type)?

We are now living in an employer's job market. According to the Wall Street Journal, corporate profits are at an all time high while employee salaries are at an all time low. Even the wages of some of the highest paid professionals are not keeping pace with inflation. Therefore it is necessary to diversify our income streams. You may not be the entrepreneurial type, but you do have valuable skills that are marketable outside of where you work that can bring in extra income. Now is the time to discover and articulate your P.V.P. or Personal Value Proposition. Your unique combination of skills, accomplishments, talents, ideas, hobbies, quirks, and other interests are a gold mine just waiting to be harnessed and brought to your tribe (Click here to learn more about tribes). Get busy learning what you are good at and passionate about. Continue to "Sharpen Your Skills" and learn how to sell who you are and what you are able to do. The future is waiting for you.

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