Monday, April 8, 2013

Position Yourself To Love Mondays

Most of us hate Mondays and I'm really no exception to the rule. However, I have learned that people who learn how to embrace (and find the hidden value in) what most people dislike, they have a stronger chance at succeeding in the professional (and personal) arena. One reason why most of us don't like Monday's is because it signals the start of another grueling work week that we will have to trudge through. Perhaps you are at a job that you don't like very much, or around a group of co-workers you have conflict with. Whatever your situation, you can position yourself to love Monday's. How so:

-Find a new challenge to take on at your job that excites you
-Create a Monday morning ritual that you enjoy (Starbucks anyone?)
-This may seem redundant, but lay out your clothes and prepare your lunch in advance
-Already have a game plan for what you will accomplish on that day, this will give you a sense of expectation and may even excite you a little.

Monday's can be great if we prepare for them. Spend a little time on Sunday night getting into "game mode" for your Monday. You will find yourself a little happier and productive once you hit the job front.

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