Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why It Is Absolutely Necessary to Be Humble in Business Entrepreneurship

My wife and I have recently struck out and started a new business venture and it seems like God is unloading a boatload of lessons and wisdom for us to receive and share. One of which is the principle of humility. Many people hear this word and immediately draw pictures in their mind of someone weak being victimized without retaliating or Mother Teresa (no disrespect to the legacy of Mother Teresa at all). When in fact, humility is a prerequisite for honor, wealth, and prestige. Humility is a universal law that God created just like sowing and reaping, gravity, etc. I am learning that in order to be truly successful in business, my attitude must be one of humility. What does that look like? I don't have to have the last word, nor do I have to negotiate the socks off of my potential clients in order to put my company in a better position. There are also times when clients make unreasonable demands or give unfair reviews about the services rendered and I have to learn how to take this in stride, not letting it get the best of me. There is always something new to learn and an attribute that can be improved upon. I'm sure there are many more lessons for me to learn, but these in short are some of the recent ones I've discovered. Humility always precedes honor.

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