Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Pay For Publicity (Maybe) - Read Time 0:54

If you are a publicist, please don't boycott this blog (I really do love what you all do). Hear me out first. We are living in a time where most people want to be stars or at least enjoy some level of fame. Nobody wants to be a nobody right? I totally agree and I am in the same boat. The question is, when is it smart to pay for publicity for your brand? In my very biased an honest opinion, it is much more prudent to build a brand that you (the creator) believe in so much, that you inadvertently become it's biggest cheerleader. There should also be some resonance with the people you have presented your brand to. If there are no organic followers, then what good is some PR going to do. You may get some eye balls but it will only lasts as long as your pockets say it can. It is much better to create something so great that it draws attention naturally first. Build your company to such a degree that PR people come looking for you (not easy these days but doable). The PR person's role then is to expand what you are currently doing and open some doors that would otherwise prove difficult for you to open on your own. At the end of the day, word of the mouth is the most effective publicity anyway. Just food for thought.

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