Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Practical Ways To Build An Excellent Brand (Read Time 1:00)

These days, if you have a novel idea and access to a computer, you can create a brand (or something that resembles one). How does one overcome the clutter of competition and over-saturation in the marketplace? By being excellent. As the chief visionary of your company, you are allotted the great responsibility of setting the course for your business. In essence, you are your brand even if it goes by a different entity name. Therefore you as the owner (commander and chief so to speak) must make up your mind to be excellent and for this to permeate throughout your brand. Here are a few practical ways to do such:

1) Always over deliver - Always do a little more than is required of you. Don't tell your clients upfront that this is something you'll do. Leave it as a "remember me" present.
2) Treat "Every" Client with Respect and Honor - Express your thankfulness to the client for choosing you to render the needed service. You can demonstrate thankfulness through your words, performance, and by using good old fashioned courtesy.
3) Prepare in Advance - Set aside time to give conscience thought to how you can best serve your clients and rehearse (if possible) how you will deliver it.

If you do these three things over and over again, your brand will have a good shot at being known for excellence.

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