Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do Business Like The Dark Knight (Read Time 0:50)

I'm a huge Batman/Bruce Wayne fan. He is definitely my favorite of all super heroes. But since this blog is about business and not good guys and evil villains, I guess I have to throw in some business mumbo jumbo right? So here goes. What can you learn from the Bat in terms of doing business?

1) Be innovative- both Bruce Wayne and Batman find ways to incorporate the latest (if not futuristic) technology into their operations which always seems to keep them ahead of the competition.

2) Be Strategic- You should know more about your competitors, clients, and other stakeholders than they know about themselves (well maybe not more, but close, don't cause them to put a restraining order on you). Have plans A,B, and C charted out in advance and be prepared to execute them flawlessly.

3) Be Relentless- You have to be a little hard headed in order to succeed in business. Batman can take a punch (or worse) and keep moving toward the goal. Don't allow yourself to give up after the wind is knocked out of you when trying to secure your next deal.

Make sure you go see the Dark Knight Rises if you haven't. It is the movie of the year in my opinion, even better than The Avengers (notice how they didn't get a blog post related to them).    :)

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