Monday, July 16, 2012

Why You Need To Be Criticized (Read Time 59 seconds)

A more appropriate title for the blog post would be "why you should accept criticism". Who likes to be criticized? I certainly don't. But I am finding that it is crucial in helping me stay on track and my continual improvement. Criticism is hearing the things that we don't necessarily want to hear, but that will help us do better. Now, this doesn't mean we should accept criticism from just anyone or give ear to all that we hear. If we did that, it would become very difficult to create anything new and stick with it. We should give ear to people who are credible and that we know actually care about our progress. Yet, we can still find hidden nuggets of wisdom even from people who are trying to be malicious when giving it. I love how Steven Scott put it in his awesome book, "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived". To paraphrase, he said we should view negative criticism as a beach with hidden treasures throughout it, as we sift through the sand (inaccurate and negative criticism), we will find the gems (constructive and profitable criticism). Criticism keeps us humble, teachable, and enables us to keep going in the right direction.

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