Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Leaders Must Have Emotional Intelligence (Read Time 46 Seconds)

The development of the people that follow you should be one of the top priorities for any leader. Our legacy isn't just found in how many accomplishments we have or even in the number of followers that join our movements. Our greatest legacy is found in the people who are able to take what we teach them and meet and exceed what we were able to do in our season of influence. Emotional intelligence goes a long way in ensuring that this important facet of legacy is established. Developing and honing the "skill" of emotional intelligence allows leaders to know the condition of the people that follow them. With this information the leader is able to adjust his/her leadership style depending on what is needed by the people they are guiding. It is not enough just to have book knowledge or a compelling vision when leading, one must also possess empathy and the humility that will allow them to listen to their people.

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