Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Stay Focused and Follow Through On Your Goals (Read time:54 seconds)

Now, more then ever,we live in a distraction filled world. There is no shortage of "good" things that compete for our time as we pursue the "great" things that make the biggest difference for our companies, families, and personal lives. Entrepreneurs especially have to learn the discipline of staying focused, our livelihood's depend on it. Goals will not magically accomplish themselves, though we often act as if they will. Some of the greatest business minds of our time attribute much of their success to focus and perseverance. So how does one stay focused in this time of endless distraction? Write down your goals and visions and review them regularly. Writing these down will crystallize them in your mind and reviewing them will keep them at the forefront of your mind. Eventually you will find yourself naturally separating (mentally) what will lead you closer to your goals/visions and what will not. Reviewing this information will also enable you to follow through on what is necessary in order to connect the dots of your pursuits.

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