Friday, April 27, 2012

Just Be Cool and Learn The Business

I often find myself in a frantic hurry as an entrepreneur. If I'm not checking e-mails, returning calls, setting up meetings, or marketing on my social networks, I am in my work lab creating new products. Sometimes it can  be overwhelming when I sit back and think of everything that I'm doing. It's like a huge puzzle with many undiscovered pieces. I wear many hats. But I am starting to realize that a lot of the pressure that I put on myself is unnecessary. True, there are goals and deadlines that I much reach, yet the life of an entrepreneur is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. One of the main traits of a good entrepreneur is that of being a student. We should always be learning more and more about our business especially if it is unique. Learning has always been fun to me and it not only improves my business, but it enhances me as an individual. I am starting to appreciate this huge learning curve and just look at it as the tuition I pay for the school of success. So next time you feel stressed out about all the things that you don't know or that have to get done, just be cool, take it in stride, and continue to learn your business. It will get easier!

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