Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Collaboration: The Only Way To Succeed In Business Today

I used to think that the majority of business activities centered around beating the competition in order to increase market share. And there was a time when that concept was true and there are still pockets and industries where that is still relevant. Yet, I believe we have entered a time where those rules are slowly dying. Competition will always exist, but it will come in a different form. It will not be company competing against company, the competition will come in the form of convincing your clients why they should make you a part of their lifestyle (reasons for buying are more about lifestyle now than just function). This is some of the hardest competition to overcome, that which comes from the clients mind. An interesting phenomenon is taking place today, a plethora of small businesses as well as large businesses are beginning to lock arms, pool resources, and put egos to the side in order to survive. Many stand alone companies are finding themselves quickly shut out and unable to "compete". Businesses that collaborate are not necessarily merging, but collaborating and allowing one another access to their valuables. In this way, these businesses mutually benefit and actually supplement each others weaknesses.

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