Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being Paid for Creativity

What if you could get paid for being creative? Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Well, it is very possible, especially in this new economic climate. Creative types are the leader of the future (we are now living in the future if you haven't noticed) and there is no shortage of opportunity to capatilize on. You just have to see it, sezie it, and remain persistent (that all too familar word). Sure, you can keep your regular 9-5pm (in the meantime), but don't keep your creative business ideas languishing in obscurity too long. They will pay off before you know it. Learn how to turn your creativity into a business model (i.e. how to make money from it). If you just can't figure that out, find a business partner who does. Most creative people are more into creating things than dealing with business mumbo jumbo. Or perhaps, you are a hybrid like me (someone who has both a creative and business edge). Just find a way to place some value on what you create (that is, if it is actually worth paying for). You'd be surprised how many people need what you make and who you are. Food for entrepreneurial thought.

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