Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Business of You

Not everybody is the entrepreneurial type, but I believe that everyone does have a business within them. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but bear with me. While you may not be the one to hire employees, keep up overhead, or try to go public, you do have creativity, unique skills sets and perspectives in you that other people will pay for. You just have to find a way to package you. In this Internet age, it is easy to create the Business of You. All you need is a little passion, a little savvy, and something to offer the world that is of value (which everyone does). So what's holding you back? Lack of money? You don't know your worth or what you could offer people that they will pay for? No help? Well, I got good news. Most fortune 500 companies didn't become successful overnight and didn't become what they are in a week. The brains behind large corporate conglomerates spent a lot of time learning their markets (before they entered), perfected their product, networked, sacrificed, built up capital, and so on and so forth. But the key was that they started. So it is the same for you. Maybe you don't have the money to launch a great idea. Instead of making that an excuse, figure out how to get the money (legally of course). If you don't know what you can offer, let that be your new 'hobby" of interest until you discover it. Just do something. In these tough economic times, it will take the business of you, me, and everyone in between to revive it. Pssss, here's a secret. The government doesn't know how, nor is that it's job.

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