Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Entrepreneurial R.E.B.E.L. Interview with Anthony Hadley of Abstract Mindset

Anthony Hadley, 27, is a creative visionary with a highly intelligent thought process. This interview holds a special place in my heart because I actually grew up with Anthony and seeing who he has become (and is becoming) is a sight of greatness. It is definitely an honor for him to allow us access into his great mind. He is the owner and creative force behind Abstract Mindset, a conceptual media company with several arms. Check out the  brief interview below and be sure to leave comments, questions, and share with others:

Philip: So what exactly is Abstract Mindset Media?

Anthony: It is an umbrella which we house our media services, film production and publishing under.

Philip: Do you describe yourself more as an entrepreneur or visionary and why?

Anthony:I believe myself to be a visionary first. Even as a child, before I understood what an entrepreneur was, I had grand visions of what I wanted to be and do.

Philip:  That makes a lot of sense. I believe that you have to be a visionary to be an entrepreneur, but not vice versa. This is a loaded question, but who, what, when, where inspires you and why?

Anthony: I honestly find inspiration everywhere, sometimes in the oddest of places, from the blind faith and aspirations of children, to music, to companies like Apple to the people I keep around me on a daily basis.

Philip: Yes, I heard that the 5 people that you keep closest to you will influence you the most.What are some current projects you have in the pipeline?

Anthony: Well I am currently creating a screenplay from a book manuscript written by a friend and I am producing a film written and directed by a great filmmaker from my hometown.

Philip:  That's exciting. You have a lot going on. I know you to be a leader, so what is the most important trait for a leader to have in your opinion?

Anthony: The ability to master all forms of effective communication, because if you can bridge all gaps in communication, there is nothing that can't be solved.

Philip:  That's really profound and so true.What type of environment do you need in order for your creativity to flourish?

Anthony: I find myself changing my creative space often. I need new, open environments. Specific locations don't matter as much as the feeling of peace they give. I often like to create in silence to hear my thoughts or sometimes I will listen to creative artists I like.

Philip:  How does one effectively blend business and creativity without compromising the creative side?

Anthony:For myself, I tend to allow my creative side to roam free, and just let my business-minded self be the checks and balances to direct things where they need to be.

Philip:  I already know the answer to this but which company would you rather work for, Apple or Google and why?

Anthony: Apple. Though I know the free-flowing openness of their stores and their advertising campaign do not properly represent the inner workings of the company, I believe Steve Jobs to be something we will not see again in our lifetime and I would love to soak up everything I could from that experience.

Philip:  I agree. Not to mention I am a recent convert to Apple. I believe you will be an iconic figure in your sphere of influence when it is all said and done. So what will Anthony Hadley's legacy be when its all said and done?

Anthony: As my goals and definition of success evolve constantly, I feel its only right that I push to leave a legacy of growth and progression; to pursue one's dreams diligently and being true to ones self.

Philip: Excellent. Thanks for your time Anthony. You are definitely and inspiration to many, including myself. I am excited to see what the future holds for you. To keep up with Abstract Mindset Media, check them out on FACEBOOK at http://www.facebook.com/AMindsetMedia and be sure to like the page. Check out some recent work that Abstract Mindset Media did for the R.E.B.E.L. Firm Music Division in preparation for our new music project, Anno Rebelio.

Sharp-Skills: "Anno Rebelio" Photo Shoot [Behind the Scenes] from Abstracted_Mind on Vimeo.

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