Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Can't Do It Alone

We entrepreneurial types are a high powered bunch. We are very independent, focused, and directed. Many of us have a tendency to try to take on too much and not delegate or contract out parts of our operations (often to the detriment of the endeavor). I have been learning that any significant efforts will always require the work of a team. Sure, you as the founder of your company may be the engine, but you need pistons, hoses, a transmission, power steering fluid,etc.in order to make the operation run well and for it to be all that is has the potential to. A successful company will take on a life of its own and you will have to learn to become a coach or manager as oppose to the star player of the team. You may start off as the star, but you will burn out quickly if you try to wear all of the hats that a company requires. As soon as you can afford to delegate, do it.Learn to rely on people early and cultivate those relationships even beyond the professional sphere.

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