Thursday, June 30, 2011

Persistence, A Must For Any Entrepreneur

Getting an idea is easy. Taking that idea through the arduous process of making it into a business is very hard work. Anyone who tells you any different is a liar, or the company they have will not be around long. With that said, a would be or existing business owner must dig his/her heels in the ground and ride the tumultuous waves of entrepreneurship. If it were easy, everyone would be business owners, heck, successful business owners. The business terrain is hard enough to navigate, couple that with managing your personal life (some of us even have jobs as well) and you have a formidable challenge on your hands. Entrepreneurs have to be tough yet flexible, focused yet balanced, creative yet sane, confident yet humble, driven yet cautious, and a host of other seemingly paradoxical characteristics. If you want a serious company, you have to be serious enough about it to stick with it when disappointment, discouragement, doubt, and drought set in. Then once you weather the storm (there will be many) you will reap the rewards of your persistence.

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