Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turn People Away: Superstars and Starving Artists (Edition 10)

I know the title of this particular post sounds counter productive, but hear me out. I recently caught the epiphany that the strength of an artist's fan base does not necessarily lie in numbers, but committed fans. I think of the scene in the movie 300 where the Spartans meet up with some other army (can't even remember their names, that tells you how sad they were, I think the Athenians?) and the other army is probably five times the size of the Spartan army. Yet the larger army were comprised of mostly punks whereas every single Spartan was a war lord in his own right. That is the type of mindset you need to have when building your fan base. Success will not stem from how many friends you have on Facebook, but on how many of those friends actually support and believe in what you are doing. You should intentionally do things to weed out those who aren't your audience. I suggest putting out a mass message talking about what your music "Is Not" instead of always saying how great it is and how it can reach every type of person in any situation. If you make that type of music, that is great, but you won't have to try to convince your fan base about that. They will already know that your music has mass appeal. You want your "real" fans even if that means decreasing a 5000 plus friends list down to 10 people. Those 10 people are more valuable then 5,000 somebodies who are indifferent to what you are doing.

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