Monday, March 28, 2011

Maintaining Creative Momentum & Sight of the Business Model: Superstars and Starving Artists (Volume 12)

There are so many changes that occur in life that if you were to stop what you are working on when they happen, you would never accomplish anything. I am in a major transitional season in my life yet I also have a music project that is in motion. One of the hardest things during this experience is staying on the path of my creative vision while handling business in the midst of the ups, downs, and side ways of life. I am finding that dogged determination to complete what I have started is key. When you have less free time at your disposal, you must "make" time for your priorities, even if that means forgoing an extra 30 minutes of sleep or the little extra lag time on work breaks. The little "5 minutes here" and "10 minutes there" really add up if you use them wisely. Take a realistic look at where you are in your project schedule, just because you are thinking about what you need to accomplish does not mean you are getting any closer to accomplishing it. Use the small blocks of time to your advantage to maintain momentum toward your end goal. Oh and another thing, send off those documents and return those phone calls and e-mails you've been putting off.

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