Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grassroots Marketing: Superstars and Starving Artists (Edition 9)

Okay, so you are an indie artists with little to no money for marketing and promotion. If your like me,the majority of your resources go to recording, production, and duplication of your product. So what is the business minded musician to do. He/she should employ grassroots marketing. Even the big boys in the music business are starting to revert back to this way of effective marketing. There are many ways to implement this strategy. The jist of this whole concept is to directly interact with your fan base in meaningful ways. This doesn't mean always shoving your product down there throats, it could be as simple as liking their status on facebook or retweeting a comment that they made that was meaningful to you. Other methods are to pass out your own flyers and cd's at concerts (you probably have to do this anyway). Grassroots marketing puts you dead center in front of your audience and allows you to develop a realtionship with your fans without a middle man. People respond better to artists that they feel they have a personal connection with anyway. Your music is the connection, but the relational element will create a die hard!

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  1. I completely agree! It's always good for a fan/customer to have that direct interaction with the mind behind the vision. Besides there's no one else who could better market your product better than you. Because you created it, you are able to cater the message to fit the appropriate context, environment and tone.