Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hone Your Craft and Business Savvy Simultaneously: Superstars and Starving Artists (Edition 7)

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Balance is critical for the music artist that also wishes to have a long and successful career in the music business. The balancing act is making incredible art while employing phenomenal business practices. An artist has to be committed to the not so glamorous parts of the biz. I like to think of this as shooting 1,000 jump shots before the game or running lines in the gym after 12am when no one else is there. Dedication like this will allow you much more latitude in the long run and probably even improve your swagger when writing,recording, and performing. Learn to be a bookworm when you are not impressing your fan base and study the careers of successful and not so successful artists that are in the place that you desire to be. With that said, you also have to continue to practice your artistry. Always look for ways to improve what you do and to stay on the cutting edge. Hang around other professionals that make you feel like you need to step your artistic game up. Remember, the balancing act of honing your craft and and business savvy takes time. Empires and the Superstars that run them were not made overnight.

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