Monday, February 7, 2011

The Business Artist: Superstars and Starving Artist (Edition 5)

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We live in a time where the creative artist has to have as much business savvy as the label executive. The Internet is increasingly leveling the playing field for the independent artist and he/she must learn how to capitalize off of this new reality. I'll never forget the words that an executive of a video game company spoke to me about my music website. She said that my website was more than what an artist signed to Def Jam would get (check out , a shameless plug, I know). Whoa! That blew me away. It's sad but true, unless you are at superstar status, you can expect little to no promotion from a major label (part of the reason is because they are going broke and it's very risky business breaking a new artist). There is no reason why an artist with some great music and solid business savvy cannot make a very comfortable living off of their art independently. Will you have to grind, sacrifice, and invest yourself? The answer is yes. But hey, what else would you rather be doing than your passion?

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