Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Becoming a Music Business Iceberg: Superstars and Starving Artists(Edition 6)

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The musicians that will have longevity in the music business are those that see past just creating albums. There are so many other aspects of the music business that artist fail to see because their frame of reference is limited. And don't think, just because you are a musician that you have to limit yourself to just creating music either. Becoming a seasoned musician gives you a little more authority and credibility as you move into other aspects of the business. I know some artists who practice entertainment law as well. I know other artists who are dope on the mic and they also are ferocious promoters. The truth of the matter is, record sales (as far a cd sales are concerned) are declining, musicians must become multifaceted without losing quality in their main passion, which is creating timeless music. Learn about publishing, copyrights, songwriting, and licensing. Have you ever considered writing a jingle for Starbucks or getting your song placed in the Fast and the Furious film brand? Open yourself up to more than just making an album. A physical cd is turning more into a business card nowadays anyway. If you sell a million records (which I hope to), then that's just the cherry on the cake (a very big one though). Be a music business iceberg and let your album just be the tip of it.

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