Sunday, February 27, 2011

About My Father's Business

Every once in a while, I feel it is important to give homage to God who is the ultimate business man. This blog is inspired by his Holy Spirit that guides me day to day and gives me the creativity to even author on topics as complex as business and entrepreneurship. The greatest business anyone can undertake is that of assisiting Jesus Christ in building His Kingdom. He intends for us to use all of the gifts, talents, education, influence, experience, and resources for the advance of His eternal kingdom. Though this blog deals specifically with business and entrepreneurship, it is one of the vehicles he has given me that I am using to do my part in His overall "bigger picture". Let everything you do in life, especially in business, be done to the glory of the Lord. If you operate your business on Kingdom Principles, then you will influence larger companies who do not. Remember that every good and perfect gift comes from God, and the ability to generate income via your creative business is no exception. So lets be about are Father's business and transform the global landscape of business together!

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