Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Uphill Climb: (Superstars and Starving Artists 1st Edition)

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I am excited to announce that I will begin to transition over to blogging about my journey as a business minded musician and these entries will be known as Superstars and Starving Artists.The concept behind this name is the stark contrast and differences in artists who actually gain success in the music business and those who "chose" not to. I have chosen to be a superstar and it is my goal to help other artists who desire to become that as well through these writings. I'm not a superstar yet but I am beginning to lay the foundation necessary to make this a reality. These blog entries will be a mix between formal book knowledge that I am learning and real world experiences I have had and am having. I felt that it was time to begin blogging about this because I am also in the process of releasing my third album. If you are interested in more in depth information behind my vision for "Superstars and Starving Artists" brand, visit REBELFIRM.COM and click on workshops. More to come...

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