Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learn the Business: Superstars and Starving Artists (Edition 2)

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So many new artist come into the music business and/or industry with wide eyes and an assumption that everyone loves them and wants the best for them. I should know because I was once that artist. I thought because of my talent, personality,and good intentions, "how can anyone ever want to take advantage of little ol'me". One thing that a new artist has to get into their head (if they are serious about making this a career) is that this is still a business. People are in the music "business" to make money no matter what genre you are in (even Christian/Religious genres). Many music execs could give a flying crap about your art, at the end of the day most people (99.99%) in the business are concerned about how what you do contributes to their bottom line. Am I being pessimistic, no, just being real and calling a spade a spade. So your challenge is to remain true to your art and get it to the masses without getting screwed too bad in the process (most everybody gets screwed at some point, you live and you learn) and make a livable income (a really good livable income if your like me). The severity of how bad you get screwed and the degree of your success will be largely influenced by your knowledge of the music business (and lots of Holy discernment on top of that) or lack thereof. I suggest that you study as much about the industry as you can before you partner with anyone or sign a contract (even if its written on a napkin). A great book (that I am presently reading) to start with is "All You Need to Know About The Music Industry, 7Th edition" by Donald Passman. Learn the rules of the game before you step on the court. Mic check 1,2 and ya don't stop!

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