Saturday, November 13, 2010

Relationships: Thoughts of an Entrepreneurial R.E.B.E.L. (Volume 18)

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Have you noticed how competitive the world of business is nowadays?! Not only are business owners competing for customers in their own city and state, but now thanks to the worldwide reach of the Internet, they have to fend off foreign competitors as well. So how will a small business thrive in this adverse type of terrain? I'm glad you asked, a business will thrive in this highly competitive global business market by building solid relationships with their customers and other business owners (just like the good old days). It's not enough just to have a great product, low prices, or a big brand name anymore. People have gotten to the point where they only want to support companies that they can identify with and feel truly care about more than just their spending money. Business has gotten away from this principle of relationship in exchange for assembly line consumerism that is parallel to a fast foot joint (get them in and get them out as soon as possible). Unless you are a fast food chain that goes by a similar name, your small business will not make it this way. New start-ups will have to get back to a place where they know their customers names, interest, family members, even their dog sparkie.Customers are vulnerable right now, smarter than ever, have more options, and are highly cynical. The customer and your establishment must have a bridge of trust and that will only come from you taking the pains to establish a real relationship.

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