Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick Thoughts on Entrepreneurship Conference (The Identity Conference) last Saturday

Saturday before last, my wife and I went to an entrepreneurship conference in Irvine, CA sponsored by Mariner's church. The name of it was Identity Conference. The key points of the conference were:
1) A true entrepreneur understands God is the CEO of their business.
2) Entrepreneurs align their priorities of faith first, family second, and business third.
3) We know our calling and trust in God to dictate our actions and our profits.

I was blown away at how they combined faith and business, typically these topics are not intertwined by today's business world. It encouraged me even more to align my business aspirations with the principles found in God's word. There were speakers there will multi-million dollar companies and they were all Christians. It really opened me up to the possibilities for God's people in the realm of business. I would actually, one day like to put together a similar conference, but with more emphasis on a special target market. Just some thoughts to document my entrepreneurial journey.

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