Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Patience: Thoughts of an Entrepreneurial R.E.B.E.L. (Vol. 14)

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We entrepreneurs are an impatient bunch (myself included). Due to the fact that we are visionaries, any change that occurs that does not fit within our vision or time frame is automatically labeled evil. I for one am extremely impatient when it comes to detours that cause me to use my resources in a manner that I did not intend to (especially when those resources were devoted to something that I thought would enhance my company's progress). A skill that I am being forced to develop is adaptation, more specifically, adaptation for when circumstance's cause the road to my vision to be extended. Life is chalked full of surprises and sometimes we will be forced to go down roads that we didn't plan on, which ultimately leads to lost time (depending on perspective). Adaptation allows me to take on the mindset of patience in order to navigate the detour and stay on course to arrive at my vision. Your vision could be to make $500,000 a quarter or just getting enough capital to launch your next product. Whatever it is, you have to be prepared to adapt and swim in the pool of patience when changes outside (even inside) your control occur. A hard pill to swallow (I know because I am barely able to gulp it down myself).

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