Monday, July 12, 2010

Effective Marketing:Thoughts of an Entrepreneurial R.E.B.E.L. (Volume 11)

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To effectively market your products/services you have to obtain the right balance of imagination and focus. Imagination allows you to come up with leading-edge designs, approaches, promotional tools, and other deviceful stimuli that will make your market say "cooool". Yet on the other hand, you must exercise focus in order to form a marketing plan and actually carry it out for an extended period of time. Plotting budgets,gathering market data, and tracking progress (when there is hardly any at first) can become a first rate bore to any passionate entrepreneur. But (and this is a big but!) the focus aspect wields a sharper advantage than its imaginative counterpart for those who hone it. Furthermore, imagination and focus work like the yin and yang so both complement one another. Focus is the anchor, imagination is the sail. Keep that in mind when crafting your marketing strategy.

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