Saturday, December 12, 2009

Building A Successful Brand

Building a successful brand for your company is a never ending process throughout the life of the company. The brand is the representation of the company and it determines how people think and feel about it. As the company changes and expands, so does the brand. There are a few non negotiables that you must make sure your company brand encompasses;Integrity, Reliability, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. As far as integrity is concerned, your clients must believe that they will get what they paid for (many clients don't buy products/service, they buy the benefits of the product/service, remember that!). Don't offer something if you can not deliver it. Nothing will hurt your brand worse. It is better to be honest with the client and create future business than go for the quick dollars and compromise your operation. Clients must also feel that they can count on your company/product when it is needed, which leads me to the importance of reliabilty. Who wants to buy a television that only works some of the time. Your customers need to know that your product/service will be consistent. Quality is a no brainer, what you do for your clients must have lasting results. It is better to under promise and over deliver than vice versa. Don't let your product/service become smoke and mirrors. If you are offering something, don't deliver it to your market until you are sure that it is strong as it can possibly be. Lastly, customer satisfaction is the hallmark of a successful brand. Be sure to keep in contact with your clients to see how your product/service is impacting them. Be sure to ask how you can improve upon what you are offering. Those who actually use your product/service provide the most valuable information about its value. These are the pillars of building a successful brand, but there are several other sub-categories. Start with the pillars and work your way up from there and you will be on your way to establishing a strong enterprise.

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