Monday, November 16, 2009

Learn How to Hunt

If you want to be successful in business, whether your own or working within a corporation, you must learn how to hunt. When I say hunt I mean bringing in money and new business. If you are not contributing regularly to the business' bottom line, there is a good chance you will not advance into a top spot in your company or organization. Entrepreneurs don't have the luxury of not being hunters, if you don't hunt you have no business. It's that simple. Most people rather be skinners than hunters. Skinners are the accountants, HR people, Public Relations, office administration, so on and so forth. Skinners are those who take what the hunters have brought in and break down and distribute it to the rest of the company. Skinners depend on the hunters. If you want your business to flourish or if you want to advance in your company, develop skills that will make you an effective and consistent hunter. Most CEOs got into that position because they were able to bring in the biggest kill and they did it in style.

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