Thursday, November 5, 2009

Avoid The Politics as Much as Possible

Organizational life is very political. Whether it is a church or Wall Street, politics permeate through all types of organizational cultures. It's hard not to get sucked into politics when you are around it a lot. People are always jockeying for position trying to get the upper hand in their professional relationships with others. It just comes with the territory. Playing the political game can be very draining and unproductive, especially if you are not the top dog. So what does one do to combat the games that the power players use to maintain their position? The wise professional will complete their assigned tasks in excellence, stay on their own professional development track, build and refine their own financial pipeline, and chose their battles. Learn to except that your accomplishments may be blatantly ignored by those in positions of authority over you with crooked agendas. Do not get angry even if they are successful at blocking your progress within the organization. Talented individuals with integrity and a strong work ethic cannot be ignored for long. Continue to work hard, hone and enhance your professional skills, grow your knowledge base, and be prepared for the right opportunities when they present themselves. Believe me they will.

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